Events not formatted correctly


This error is caused by the wrong file coming from 3s Trap2014 or 3S Pro. 


Download and install the correct support files for your version of 3s

  1. First you need to determine whither you are running the latest version of 3S Pro or  Trap2014(discontinued).
    1. If your version of 3S has any of these features you are running 3S Pro

  2. Next open 3S Scores Uploader

  3. Under the File menu there is an option called “Install Supporting Files”

  4. Depending upon which version of 3S you own you will need to select a different option
    1. If you determined you are running 3S Pro you will need to select the 3s Pro Option
    2. If you determined you are running 3S Trap 2014 you will need to select the trap 2014 option

  5. Confirm the version you wish to select

  6. This process may take a while. The application may become unresponsive 

  7. If the install was successful you will get a notification when the download is complete


If the issue is not solved please contact 3s at +(801) 797-9265