How to install 3S Scores Uploader

  • Go to the downloads page and download the latest version of the uploader 
  • Open the installer application
  • Allow the application to run

  • Press next to skip welcome screen 
  • Select install folder then press next (We recommend leaving it default)
  • Install application by pressing install

  • Wait for application to be installed
  • If program installed correctly select the launch program box and click finish

  • Now that 3S Scores Uploader is installed you will need to download and install the support files for the right version of 3S
    • First you need to determine whither you are running the latest version of 3S Pro or  Trap2014(discontinued).
      • If your version of 3S has any of these features you are running 3S Pro

    • Next open 3S Scores Uploader

    • Under the File menu there is an option called “Install Supporting Files”

    • Depending upon which version of 3S you own you will need to select a different option
      • If you determined you are running 3S Pro you will need to select the 3s Pro Option
      • If you determined you are running 3S Trap 2014 you will need to select the trap 2014 option

    • Confirm the version you wish to select

    • This process may take a while. The application may become unresponsive 

    • If the install was successful you will get a notification when the download is complete

Now you are ready to start using 3S Scores Uploader