What is 3S Scores?


What is 3S Scores?

3S Scores is a hybrid platform that allows for your tournament’s scores to be uploaded to the web seamlessly. With 3s Scores, anyone anywhere is able to see the scores from your tournament. It takes under 5 minutes to set up a shoot with 3sscores.com. 3S Scores consists of two main parts

  1. The Uploader 
    • This program runs on your server machine and takes your scores information and uploads it to the website automatically every 15 minutes 
  2. The Website
    • A directory of all shoots that have used 3sscores that’s publicly accessible. Anyone anywhere is able to view the scores from your tournament

After setting up 3S Scores Uploader on your server machine you are able to start uploading the scores from your tournament by clicking a single button.

What features does 3sscores offer?

3S Scores offers a wide array of features. Including

  • Easy Configuration
  • Integration with 3S Software
  • Online On-Deck Board
  • On Deck Board * 
  • Shoot Offs *
  • Text Message Notifications
  • Custom Messages on Events
  • Searchable Scores
  • Live scores
  • Self-uploading scores
  • World class support

*  Integrates with text message notifications

How do I get started

All it takes to get started with 3S Scores is an internet connection, a copy of 3S Trap 2014 V1.0 or above, and a tournament that is configured. Simply download the latest version of the uploader onto your server and install it. Upon running the uploader for the first time it will ask you which version of the software you are running. Once you get to the main screen select “Create Shoot” button. Now your scores will be uploaded to 3sscores.com every 15 minutes. (Please note that in order for scores to be uploaded the uploader program must be running in the background) To learn more please watch the video on the About page